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Go To Cam 3shape Interface GO2DENTAL-3S

Go To Cam 3shape Interface GO2DENTAL-3S. Ideal for all ROLAND machines. Original part from manufacturer. Part number: Go To Cam 3shape Interface.

Our CAD software is renowned for its fast operation and ease of use, helping you minimize training costs and maximize productivity. It is reliable and robust, even in complex cases every day. The speed and flexibility of Exocad DentalCAD* was achieved by taking advantage of the latest advances in the area of ​​organic design. For many years, our team of engineers has consistently provided innovations for a rapidly evolving market. We listen to our customers and continue to embrace the latest and greatest ideas, to ensure that Exocad users stay ahead of the curve.

Original price was: 1,746.96 $.Current price is: 1,650.00 $. 1,320.00 $

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